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Burn Manufacturing is the maker of fuel-efficient, clean-burning cook stoves that integrate advanced technology and user-centric design with low-cost, locally-based manufacturing. Burn Manufacturing is the only clean cook stove company delivering sustainable, market-based cooking solutions to low-moderate income households in Africa and beyond. Join the clean cook stove revolution.
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Our Impacts

Our commercial model is transforming lives while providing sustainable solutions to some of the world's most challenging problems.


Our commercial model is transforming lives while providing sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.

THE CHALLENGE. 85% of urban households in East Africa use charcoal on a regular basis, with many families spending $500/year

OUR SOLUTION. The jikokoa pays for itself over 2 ½ months, saving users $150-250/year. That’s a lot of money for our customers, 42% of whom exist on less than $2/day.

THE CHALLENGE. This year, over 550,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa will die from respiratory diseases directly related to smoke from indoor cooking fires.

OUR SOLUTION. The jikokoa produces 65% less PM2.5 and 63% less carbon monoxide than the Kenya ceramic jiko. The ‘KCJ’ is the standard ‘improved’ charcoal cookstove in Sub-Saharan Africa.

THE CHALLENGE. Firewood and charcoal production are currently responsible for more than 52% of all forest loss in Sub-Saharan Africa.

OUR SOLUTION. Households using the jikokoa save 3.9 tons of wood per year. Over the next 10 years, BURN consumers in East Africa will save over 123 million trees.

BURN Cookstoves, Kenya
According to tests conducted by Berkeley Air and the University of Nairobi, the jikokoa reduces PM2.5 emissions by 65% as compared to the ‘improved ceramic jiko.’
In terms of PM2.5 emissions the jikokoa is ranked as a ISO/IWA Tier 4 stove. This is the highest ranking available and is in the same class as LPG and Natural Gas stoves.
An Acumen Fund survey of jikokoa customers reported meaningful health benefits including a 54% reduction in sick days per household. 89% of customers attributed increased health benefits to less smoke in the house.

THE CHALLENGE. The ‘KCJ’ is cheap to buy ($5-8) but expensive to operate ($300-500/ year). The KCJ also suffers from poor durability, lack of quality control, and poor ‘fit-and-finish’.

OUR SOLUTION. Locally manufacture best-in-class stoves in a modern manufacturing facility. Our factory employs 100+ people - more than half of whom are women - and produces a stove every minute. Since 2013, BURN has created over 403 jobs in manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

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