Our commercial model is transforming lives while providing sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.


“Before my children would cough because of the smoke. They would get headaches and get dizzy. Now, they do not have that problem.”

– Ruth Ongubo – Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya


“As a distributor, I have grown a lot of love for the Jikokoa. I started out last year with only 30 Jikokoas and no workforce. But as of now, Karlin has grown and we have employed 11 people. This is due to the steady flow of orders and demand. The Jikokoa has all the attributes, design and pricing that gives the right package for our customers. The Jikokoa sells itself!”

– Fred Gichuki, Karlin Company Ltd. – Thika, Kenya

According to tests conducted by Berkeley Air and the University of Nairobi, the jikokoa reduces PM2.5 emissions by 65% as compared to the ‘improved ceramic jiko.’

In terms of PM2.5 emissions the jikokoa is ranked as a ISO/IWA Tier 4 stove. This is the highest ranking available and is in the same class as LPG and Natural Gas stoves.

An Acumen Fund survey of jikokoa customers reported meaningful health benefits including a 54% reduction in sick days per household. 89% of customers attributed increased health benefits to less smoke in the house.

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