An Independent Impact Survey by Yunus Social Business Validates Kuniokoa Benefits
An Independent Impact Survey by Yunus Social Business Validates Kuniokoa Benefits

The Yunus Social Business has conducted an impact performance study of BURN’s Kuniokoa woodstove. From the 13th to the 28th of July 2021, YSB completed interviews with 280 Kunikoa customers across Kenya.

Results of The Analysis

  • High Customer Satisfaction

64% of the respondents assert there are no similar stoves in the market. Most of the customers state the quality of the stove is better compared to the stove they were using before.

  • Savings

79% of BURN’s customers experienced a ‘strong decrease’ in their weekly wood expenditure, saving USD 178.6 annually. 

  • Opportunities for Income Generation

97% of the respondents stated that Kuniokoa stove strongly increased their opportunities for income generation using the stove because of a decrease in the time spent cooking.

  • Improved Health

Most customers experienced a strong decrease in the smoke generated while using the stove.

  • Improved Safety

99% of the Kuniokoa users said the stove improved safety relative to the previous stove e.g. reduced risks for burns.

  • High-Quality Stove

91.4 % of the users experienced a strong increase in the stove durability relative to the previous stove. 


The use of Kuniokoa stove contributes to the following outcomes: 

  1. Savings of money; 
  2. Savings of time (both for cooking and fuel procurement); 
  3. Kuniokoa stoves allow for efficient, clean and smokeless cooking 
  4. Improved safety 
  5. High-quality materials offering increased durability of the product; 
  6. Gives opportunities for Income generation

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