In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, BURN will partner with Intellectual Ventures’ Global Good to co-develop a clean burning, affordable and fuel-efficient biomass cookstove for households in sub-Saharan Africa.

This new “Tier 4” stove will also draw on the research of Global Good collaborators, the University of Washington Clean Cookstoves Lab and Aprovecho Research Center, the design capabilities of BURN Design Lab, and with catalytic initial support from the Osprey Foundation to build BURN’s manufacturing facility in Kenya. The biomass cookstove’s research and development is being funded by Bill and Melinda Gates through Global Good.

Through the redesigned stove, we aim to dramatically cut harmful household emissions, minimize fuel use and reduce cooking time, thus supporting BURN’s vision of a world where cooking saves lives and forests.

“We would like to see every household in sub-Saharan Africa switch to renewable and zero-residue fuels. While natural gas and ethanol hold great promise, the reality is that, by 2050, 1.6 billion people will still rely on solid biomass for cooking on the continent,” says Peter Scott, BURN Manufacturing’s chief executive officer.

“To mitigate this looming social, economic and ecological catastrophe, we must make wood-burning biomass stoves cleaner and more efficient. We are delighted to be part of the team tackling this important global challenge.”

Global Good, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and focused on a shared vision with Intellectual Ventures Chief Executive Officer Nathan Myhrvold, invents technology to solve some of humanity’s most daunting problems. Global Good collaborates with leading humanitarian organizations, forward-looking governments, research institutions, and corporate and private sector partners that bring inventions to market.

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