BURN Jikos

BURN Jikos

Jikokoa uses 50% less charcoal and cooks faster than the ordinary jiko. The non-slip pot stands grip all sufurias firmly to ensure you have a smooth cooking experience. Available in Black and Red.

With a larger cooking surface that can accommodate big pots, Jikokoa Xtra is the most durable charcoal stove with an estimated lifespan of 3.7 years. Available in Black and Red.

Kuniokoa uses the least firewood of any natural draft wood stove in the world. It reduces harmful carbon dioxide emissions by 81% and lasts more than 4 years. Available in Black.

What are the advantages of buying a BURN Jiko?

Save more

Jikokoa & Jikokoa Xtra require half the charcoal of other jikos. Use less fuel and receive immediate savings of 180 KSH PER DAY, or 1,260 PER WEEK.

Clean cooking environment

The jikos come with a no-mess ashtray & reduce carbon dioxide emission for a clean cooking environment.

Fuel Supply Extension

Using BURN’s Jikokoa, Jikokoa Xtra or Kuniokoa, you can stretch your charcoal/firewood purchases for twice as long


BURN manufactures the longest-lasting cook stoves with 3 to 4 years of estimated use.

Where can you buy a BURN Jiko?

Buy Online

All our Jikos are available countrywide through Jumia


Buy on Jumia Now

Buy from a supermarket

These include Naivas, Carrefour, Choppies, EastMatt, Quickmart, Mathais, Magunas, Powerstar, Cleanshelf, A1, Budget Stores, Society Stores, Peter Mulley’s, Khetias, Eldomatt, Kassmatt, among others

Testimonials From Our Clients
``I love jikokoa! It cooks with very little charcoal, it’s very fast, and has no smoke. Before, I would spend Ksh 100 on charcoal in a day. Now I only spend Ksh 40.” - Alice Wanjiku, Kiambu Resident

We are committed to environmentally friendly solutions. Our jikos which use less fuel go a long way in helping protect Kenya’s natural forest habitats.

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