Cookstoves Impact Lives In Kenya

Cookstoves Impact Lives In Kenya

BURN Sells 300,000 Stoves


Nairobi, Kenya: BURN Manufacturing, a cookstove company located just outside Nairobi, has helped over 1.5M people in Kenya save roughly 6 billion Kenyan Shillings by using its clean-burning stoves – the jikokoaTM and kuniokoaTM – that cuts daily fuel use by half and offers users improved health and environmental benefits.

Since 2013, BURN has sold 300,000+ clean-burning jikos to Kenyan families. Most Kenyans spend as much as 40,000KES a year on charcoal, more than households in the US or Europe, putting an enormous strain not only on poor households, but also on Kenya’s forests.

BURN CEO Peter Scott said: “BURN’s jikokoaTM saves urban households up to 20,000Ksh a year, and allows them to enjoy cooking that is clean, safe and economical while saving them time and money.”

“Our aim is to reach another 2 million homes in the next year in the East African region with our clean burning cookstove and we have partnered with MFIs like Equity bank, Kenya Women Finance Trust and M-Kopa to provide financing to increase access and adoption of our stoves.”

According to the World Health Organization 2012 report, 4.3 million people die each year from exposure to indoor air pollution caused by cooking in open fires or rudimentary stoves in poorly ventilated rooms, these deaths more than those from Malaria and HIV/AIDs combined.

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 About BURN:

BURN’s core business is the design, manufacture, and distribution of aspirational, fuel-efficient cooking products that save lives and forests in the developing world. Our 120-person team, operating in both the US and Kenya, provide expertise throughout the value chain by conducting lab testing, market research, design, manufacture, distribution, marketing, and finance. This integrated approach ensures that the best product is not just produced, but that it also reaches the end-user at an affordable price.

The company founded by CEO Peter Scott who is a global leader in cookstove commercialization, has created a revolutionary product called the jikokoa (Swahili for saving stove) that seeks to transform the way Kenyan families cook.  Manufactured at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ruiru, the jikokoa halves charcoal use, produces 64% less smoke and saves families more than 50% on charcoal costs compared to the commonly used Kenya ceramic jiko (KCJ).

Earlier this year BURN launched KuniokoaTM a wood cookstove in the Kenyan market that seeks to transform cooking on wood to be much healthier and environmentally safe by reducing the amount of firewood required by more than half and emitting less than 25 percent of the smoke produced on a traditional three stone fire.

BURN employs 150+ people – more than half of whom are women. BURN received recognition for its work from the Ashden Green Energy International Awards in 2015 empowering women with new economic opportunities. BURN manufacturing cookstoves can be purchased at Nakumatt, Naivas and Tuskys supermarkets and are available on credit at M-KOPA Kenya, Kenya Women Finance Trust and Equity Bank countrywide.

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