Going Green

Going Green

By Nimo Nyambura

Kiambu – Kenya: Every minute a jikokoa clean burning cookstove is manufactured at the BURN Ruiru factory. Now this will be done using solar power after the company, early in the year, installed solar panels in a bid to not only cut electricity costs, but also manufacture the life saving cook stoves in a cleaner and more sustainable manner.

“The new solar panels have 20KW capacity and will provide about 35% of the power required to manufacture BURN’s revolutionary cookstove, the jikokoaTM”, said BURN’s GM Boston Nyer.

The solar project has been made possible through financing by N’Vision Solar a company that provides solar electricity in emerging markets.  BURN pays N’Vision solar for power at, or below, KPLC rates. Energy use accounts for just over two-thirds of total annual GHG emissions.

A closer look shows that power generation is responsible for the bulk of these emissions, followed by manufacturing and transport. Renewable energy like solar could help diversify the energy supply and contribute to universal and sustainable energy access.

A key pillar of several countries’ mitigation strategies against climate change is decarbonisation of the energy sector through renewable energy deployment.

The adoption of solar power by BURN in its manufacturing processes allows it to produce clean energy jikos in a more sustainable way thereby playing its part in climate change mitigation through sustainable development.

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