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Burn Manufacturing is the maker of fuel-efficient, clean-burning cook stoves that integrate advanced technology and user-centric design with low-cost, locally-based manufacturing. Burn Manufacturing is the only clean cook stove company delivering sustainable, market-based cooking solutions to low-moderate income households in Africa and beyond. Join the clean cook stove revolution.
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Lab Technician

Lab Technician

BURN designs, locally manufactures, and distributes aspirational high quality fuel-efficient cooking products that save lives and forests in Kenya. We are looking for  a Lab technician who will assist our market and research department in the user research of BURN products and services.

Roles and Responsibilities 

 1.Product Testing
  • Conduct tests on BURN products and competitor products
  • Conduct tests on cookstove fuels to evaluate performance
  • Tests include: Water Boiling Tests, Controlled Cooking Tests, Kitchen Performance Tests, Safety Tests, Moisture Content Test
  • Assistance in durability testing, as needed and on availability (guided by Research & Testing Engineer)
2.Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Organize and manage datasets of test results
  • Analysis and reporting of test results
3.Methodology Development & Improvement
  • Develop and refine testing methodologies, procedures
  • Develop and improve lab safety protocol
4. Physical Lab Set-Up and Maintenance
  • Help setup the physical lab in Kenya
  • Acquire necessary equipment & supplies
  • Maintain cleanliness of lab as well as equipment
  • Manage testing samples and inventory of stoves


Requirements (E – essential, D – desirable):

  • E- Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Engineering
  • E- Familiarity with data collection & analysis (Microsoft Excel)
  • E- Attention to detail, precision, and accuracy
  • D- Experience in a research position, whether a university project or professional
  • D- Excellent organization and categorization skills
  • D- Excellent written communication skills for reporting


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CLOSING DATE: March 31, 2017
LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya
SALARY: 35-45K – depending on experience 

To apply, please attach your CV and cover letter  with the filename convention:
First Name, Last Name_Lab Technician _CV/Cover Letter_Month, Year to [email protected]

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