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A Letter from BURN's CEO & Founder

Welcome to our inaugural newsletter – BURNinNews! 

It has been a busy 6 years since we started BURN. In that time, we have built Sub-Saharan Africa's only modern cookstove manufacturing facility, scaled the most efficient charcoal stove in Africa, and upended the conventional thinking that “cookstoves don’t make a difference” and “people won't invest in an improved cookstove.” 

In July, we celebrated our best month ever with more than 20,000 Jikokoa stoves sold. We have now sold over 320,000 stoves in East Africa! These stoves are now transforming the lives of 1.7 million people, helping them reduce charcoal consumption by 56% and fuel expenditures by $150-200 per year. In total, we have helped families reduced fuel costs by $64 million, wood consumption by 1.1 million tons, and CO2 emissions by 1.9 million tons.

The main driver for purchasing a Jikokoa is monetary savings, although many users report that one of the biggest benefits is smoke reduction. Indoor air pollution is a health crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, killing ~500,000 people every year—more than malaria and HIV combined. The biggest contributor to these deaths is exposure to PM2.5 emissions. The Jikokoa meets IWA Tier '4’ ratings for PM2.5 emissions, which is the best possible ranking and the same category as LPG.

For BURN, theJikokoa is just the beginning. This year we launched the Kuniokoa, the most fuel-efficient natural-draft wood stove in Africa, and our design team is hard at work in our new Kenya Design Center creating the next generation of stoves for Africa.

The BURN revolution would not have been possible without the dedicated effort of our 250 employees and the hundreds of people who have supported BURN since 2011.

Why not join us and be part of the revolution?


Peter Scott

BURN Stoves Change Lives!

Every day, the Jikokoa helps families like Alice Wanjiku’s live a better life.  

For Alice, a mother of two living in Nairobi, charcoal is a major household expense. “Before, I would spend $1.20 every day on charcoal to cook lunch and dinner using the ceramic jiko [stove], but now I only spend $0.40 with the Jikokoa. I can now pay my children’s school fees with my savings.” 

When women like Alice reduce their charcoal costs, they are able to invest those savings to improve the lives of their families.         

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 KuniokoaTM – The Most Efficient Natural-Draft Wood Stove in Sub-Saharan Africa

BURN is proud to introduce the Kuniokoa, our latest revolutionary biomass cookstove, which brings an unprecedented level of efficiency, emission reduction and durability to cooks across the globe.

The Kuniokoa is the most fuel-efficient ‘Rocket’ stove ever tested by University of Washington, attaining a High Power Thermal Efficiency of 40.4% and achieving an ISO/IWA Tier ‘3’ in 6 out of 8 categories. According to the University of Nairobi, the Kuniokoa uses 31% less fuel and produces 71% less low-power PM2.5 than the leading US/Chinese Rocket Stove. 

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At BURN, Women Lead!

Dorcas Eshikumu is one of the 100 women who make up BURN’s 250-person workforce.

Dorcas started working on the stove assembly line in 2013 and quickly rose to the rank of a Quality Officer. “Working at BURN enables me earn a living and, at the same time, be part of the solution because the stoves we make provide women in my community with cleaner cooking solutions.”    
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What People Are Saying About KuniokoaTM

"In the past, I would spend $1 a day to buy firewood for cooking, which is quite costly. 

But since I started cooking on the Kuniokoa, I now use the $1 firewood in three days to cook my meals."

Rosemary Ogolla, Nakuru-Kenya.

Watch Our TV Ad: "Kenya's #1 Jiko"

In our latest TV commercial, our Kenyan brand ambassador, Jacque Nyaminde (Wilbroda), and several of our customers share the benefits of cooking on Kenya's #1 stove, the Jikokoa. 

The Jikokoa and Kuniokoa are now available for purchase worldwide, with shipping from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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