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November 2019


Letter from the CEO

Dear Friend of BURN,

Welcome to November 2019, the most exciting month in the history of the clean cookstove sector – or at least since I started in 1997!

In October, BURN sold more than 30,000 stoves and is on track to sell 40,000 stoves in November. Over half of these sales are of our “Kuniokoa”, the world’s most efficient natural- draft rocket stove.

Our 300+ person team has produced and sold 700,000+ stoves since 2013. These stoves are helping 3.5 million people experience unprecedented health and financial benefits, according to a new study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Chicago.

This independent study concluded that the “IRR for BURN customers is an order of magnitude higher than other energy-saving intervention” and that the “BURN Jikokoa is the single best investment with the highest return that a Kenyan household can make.

The findings from this study not only validate the benefits of our Jikokoa but will also help to change the global discourse on the viability of the improved cookstove sector.

This is a big week, not just for BURN, but for the entire sector, as ‘stovers’ from around the world will converge in Nairobi for the bi-annual Clean Cooking Forum. Come visit us on November 5th and 6th where will be presenting our current products, as well as a new institutional stove and the new Kuniokoa TURBO. The TURBO is the result of a partnership with the Bill Gates funded GlobalGood, University of Washington, and our 501(c)3 sister-entity, Burn Design Lab. This revolutionary forced-draft rocket stove reaches ISO/IWA Tier 4 with agricultural waste briquettes and near-Tier 4 levels with dry or wet wood.

In August this year, we launched our 1st significant capital raise to support expansion across the continent and we released a brand-new promo video to tell the BURN story. Click here to watch it. If this gets you excited, consider joining BURN to help bring biomass, electric, and liquid fuel stoves to Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

And finally, thank you to everyone who supported our $100,000 crowd-funded loan on the KIVA platform last month. We met our target in 14 days thanks to your support!


Peter Scott CEO/Founder

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Selected findings from the study:

  1. Jikokoa is the research-proven single best investment with the highest return that a Kenyan household can make

  2. 296% IRR per year is order of magnitude higher than other interventions

  3. The most significant benefits from two years of ownership consist of:

    avoided environmental damages in terms of greenhouse gas emissions: US$229
    financial savings: US$214
    time savings: US$256

  4. Total return to society: >$1000 over 3 years of use, with a $40 investment to purchase a BURN Jikokoa

  5. Every $1 of subsidy would generate $20 in environmental and poverty returns

  6. Consistent 39% ($2.28/week) savings through the lifetime of Jikokoa.

    Furthermore, the Laboratory data for savings align with the field

    measurements, a first for cookstoves.

  7. Savings are used for critical expenditures to improve the quality of life

  8. Quantified improvement in self-reported health: “Stove adoption causes

    significant improvements in self-reported health. Adoption of the stove causes a 0.56 standard deviation improvement in health.”

Click here to see expanded highlights or here for the full report.


In September, BURN installed a Haas VF 3-axis CNC Mill at our factory in Kenya. The Mill will allow us to produce sophisticated high-quality production tools for current and future stoves. By bringing tool production in-house, we will be able to accelerate the launch of the 8 new products we have in the pipeline.


Watch our New BURN Video

This video showcases BURN 6-year impact on the lives of women like Evelyn and her family, and how the distribution of our clean burning stoves is transforming not only lives but the environment.


BURN is always looking for talented, mission-driven people to join our team. We have several job openings:
The Chief Operations Officer will oversee our commercial, innovation and production teams, as well as supporting our expansion across the continent and will work closely with the senior management team to refine and execute the strategic plan.

The Director of Engineering overall responsibility will be to bring new products through the product development process and launch them into the factory, including design, testing, engineering, process development, and developing/launching new production lines.

Apply here:


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