BurninNews: May 2021 Newsletter
May 2021

Kuniokoa with Pot Skirt Achieves a Record of 51% Efficiency!

By adding an improved adjustable pot skirt, the Kuniokoa now achieves a best-in-class 51.3% efficiency. For street cooks near our factory, this means $22 saving per month on firewood, an IRR of 879%, and a payback period of only six weeks. The new Kuniokoa is not only benefiting cooks in Africa, but is now on its way to cooks in India, Thailand, and Vietnam. The 10-year lifetime Kuniokoa with Pot Skirt - and 83-96% reduction in High Power PM2 - is available for sale globally. Please contact for pricing.

A First Look at BURN's LPG Stove

BURN is excited to unveil our new LPG stove which will be the first 2-Burner LPG stove that is designed and manufactured in Kenya. Our locally manufactured stainless-steel stove offers better quality at a lower price when compared to imported stoves. If you are interested in learning more about our design or are interested in a partnership please contact

BURN Launches in Nigeria to Fight Indoor Air Pollution

Nigeria experiences the most household air pollution deaths in Africa with over 64,000 premature deaths annually; more than 23,000 of those deaths each year are small children. BURN has aggressively expanded operations into Nigeria and throughout West Africa to offer a mix of electric, LPG, and biomass cooking solutions that can put an end to these devastating trends. If you would like to get involved with our expansion effort, please contact

BURN Wins the Global Leap Award's Affordability Prize in the 2020 Global LEAP Awards Electric Pressure Cooker Competition

BURN is honored to have received The Affordability Prize in the 2020 LEAP Awards Electric Pressure Cooker Competition. The Affordability Prize recognizes the product that provided the best overall value to end-users based on the unit price, estimated operating costs, overall performance, and cooking capacity. For more information about BURN's Electric Pressure Cooker, please contact

BURN's CEO Interviewed by Acumen's CEO Jacqueline Novogratz

Our CEO, Peter Scott, was featured in Acumen's latest newsletter from their series on "Moral Leadership". He spoke with Jaclyn Novogratz about BURN's inception and the tangible results of mission-driven work. You can read the full interview here.

BURN is the World's Leading Modern Cookstove Carbon Developer 

Unique in the world, BURN is fully integrated from product conceptualization to manufacturing to credit issuance. We have a pipeline of ready-to-deploy projects with 3M+ Carbon Credits. If you or your business is interested in buying carbon credits or investing in a longer-term carbon project, you can visit our website or contact

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