Quality Policy

Burn Manufacturing USA LLC is committed to developing, implementing, and maintaining a "QMS - Quality Management System" as per the requirements of ISO
9001: 2015 standard in meeting customers' requirements and exceeding their expectations through on-time production and shipping, new product development,
and continuous improvement.

At BURN, our Quality Policy summarizes the essential elements of our commitment to excellence and includes:

  • Fostering a quality mindset to develop and provide products and services with zero defects that are trusted and preferred by individuals and families and deliver on our promise to save lives through cleaner and efficient cooking.
  • Complying with relevant laws and regulations as well as internal requirements.
  • Continuously challenging ourselves to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system to guarantee product quality and eliminate defects through the setting and review of measurable quality objectives and results.
  • Encouraging participation and promotion of quality responsibilities amongst all employees and third parties through standards, education, training and coaching, supervision, and effective communication.

At BURN, teamwork, engagement, ownership, and support by everyone are vital for achieving our quality objectives. In this context, we are committed to providing the required leadership, management and resources and we will ensure that the quality policy and objectives are reviewed annually and communicated to employees and third parties.

At its core, quality is first and foremost about trust in our products and our brands. But quality is also more than this. It is about delivering what we promise in everything we do. Every one of us has the power to influence quality and trust through our leadership, dedication, and passion.

Quality Policy Sign