Jikokoa is as fast as LPG!

08 February 2021

The Jikokoa charcoal stove is as fast as cooking with LPG. I used to spend N4,200 month on gas. Since I started using jikokoa, I now spend N800 monthly using the charcoal stove instead of using gas.

Modupeola - Lagos, Nigeria.

© 2021 Kingsley Omaka

3 Days Worth the Savings!

08 February 2021

My name is Eveline Bosibori Owino, I live with my two kids and my husband. I bought Jikokoa in the year 2015, so up to date it has served me for six years.

Before buying the Jikokoa Stove, I was using a traditional charcoal stove. This stove saves me a lot of charcoal, when in Nairobi I usually purchase charcoal worth 70ksh which serves me for atleast four days. The same quantity would serve me for one day with my old traditional stove. Basically, I’m saving charcoal usage worth three full days with this Jikokoa stove.

I’m calling upon my friends to adopt using Jikokoa because it saves charcoal significantly and is a fast cooker. When using Jikokoa, I have never complained of my kid’s health complications that come with the use of high carbon emitting stoves yet I use it indoors as my kids study.

Everlyne Bosibori Owino - Gitambaya, Ruiru

© 2021 Stanley Kiriungi

We survived the Lockdown with Jikokoa!

08 February 2021

My name is Mary Nyambura Muthee, I’m a single mother of one. I heard about Jikokoa from a friend on how it saves on charcoal and cooks very well.

I therefore decided to purchase it to experience the same benefits. I have used Jikokoa for three and a half years. Lighting my Jikokoa is pretty simple, I just add a little charcoal and light it, after the small charcoal lights I top it up with more charcoal to fill the combustion chamber, Jikokoa lights very fast, you cannot compare it with the other charcoal stoves which takes a lot of time to light.

Jikokoa is more economical than the 8Kg LPG Cylinder, I can purchase charcoal in small quantities such as 50 KShs. which cannot be compared to 850 KShs. which is the minimum cost you spend to refill your LPG.

During the covid-19 lockdown period last year, I would use this stove three times a day, i.e. morning, lunch and dinner. We were quite a number in the household since my sister’s kids were staying with us.

We were therefore six of us in total and we could actively use the Jikokoa to cook all meals such as Ugali, vegetables and boiling drinking water.

Mary Nyambura Muthee - Wataalam, Ruiru

© 2021 Stanley Kiriungi

Very fast o!

11 September 2021

Very fast o! Jikokoa is very fast to use. It will not blacken your pot and will not dirty your floor plus it’s very economical!.It doesn’t consume much charcoal, with #100 charcoal, I can cook Amala and Ewedu for my children”. I really love Jikokoa!.

Toyin Badru

© 2021 Samuel Ajah