Nyama choma and jikos!

Nyama choma and jikos!

BURN Manufacturing launches ‘nyama choma’ competition to increase retail sales of its  newly launched clean energy wood cookstoves – kunikokoaTM. The ‘nyama choma’ offer seeks to encourage and motivate one of BURN’s major retailer, Tuskys Supermarket to sell its clean cookstoves to customers.

“Innovative selling is what we aim for with the ‘nyama choma’ initiative, said Weslene Orwoba BURN’s Marketing Manager; for most Kenyans having ‘nyama choma’ is a celebratory act; with Tuskys we are trying to encourage team work and make it fun selling our cookstoves.”

The kuniokoaTM offers rural communities in Kenya a better, cleaner and healthier cooking experience on wood, much similar to the ease and efficiency felt when cooking on BURN’s revolutionary charcoal stove the JikokoaTM.

“In Kenya, supermarkets are the main retail stops for shopping, and as BURN we want to ensure that we get maximum sales from Tuskys Supermarkets 50+ countrywide branches, “she said. So far, the competition has seen Tuskys branches in the Coast, and Nairobi feast on some ‘mbuzi choma’ for selling the most stoves.

BURN, is also using this incentive model with its other distributors such as LivelyHoods a not-for-profit social enterprise by giving its top performing branches shopping vouchers and BURN merchandise in a bid to increase its sales margin.

BURN stoves are available in all leading supermarkets in Kenya.

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