Staying at the Top is about Having the Right Attitude!

Staying at the Top is about Having the Right Attitude!

Q & A with Anneh Wayua – BURN Mfg Sales Activator 

By Nimo Nyambura

Ruiru, Kenya: Anneh is amiable and warm, her dimpled smile immediately puts you at ease, when you encounter her for the first time; perhaps it’s for this reason that she has led as the top sales activator in 2016 in the months of April, May, July, October with this November her jikokoa sales number hitting a record 80!

So, what drives this mother of two to be at the top of her selling game?

My children are my greatest motivation but my motto is zero discrimination. I target all customers that walk into my work station. From that I am able to make a sale, and when this doesn’t happen, I know I have given the customer information on our products, and most of them call me back when they eventually buy a jiko, and I score this as a sale.

Q.You have been at the top of your game this year! How have you kept up your momentum?

It’s about having the right attitude at the work place, even in instances where a customer is disrespectful; you stay positive but also find your own personal space to deal with the issues and keep going.  Laughter also makes it easy to deal with a frustrated customer, and as long as you believe all issues are solvable, selling becomes enjoyable and easy.

Q.You are already breaking sales record with 80 a month as your latest number. What’s your secret selling weapon?

Referrals, that’s my secret. Jikokoa is 100% authentic, what you sell to the customer is what they get, and when they have proved you to be true, they refer others to you, and you make a sale from that. When I sell a jikokoa to a customer, I always give them a free fire starter to use to light their jiko when at home, this has won me a lot of loyalty and in turn sales.

Sales is a numbers game, you are given a blank cheque, and it’s on you, to determine how much you want to be paid by the employer, and for me I want big numbers on my cheque.

I also set monthly targets for myself, and do monthly evaluations to see how I am fairing and where I can improve. At times, I opt to forego my leave days to ensure that I meet my sales targets, and focus on the bigger picture.

Q. What work ethics keep you going?

One is to love your work, it’s the secret to success and create good networks. At the supermarket, I partner with the security guards working there to watch over my stove when it’s lit, as I walk around talking to customers. These relationships are what makes it easy to keep strong and keep going!

Q.You have been at BURN for about a year now. Where do you see yourself in 2017?

When I applied to work at BURN, I had already packed my bags and was heading back to the village with my family but when I got the call to come for interview my life took a different turn. It has been good so far,  and very fulfilling as I have become more self-reliant, the future looks bright at BURN and I intend to keep shining!

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