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Burn Manufacturing is the maker of fuel-efficient, clean-burning cook stoves that integrate advanced technology and user-centric design with low-cost, locally-based manufacturing. Burn Manufacturing is the only clean cook stove company delivering sustainable, market-based cooking solutions to low-moderate income households in Africa and beyond. Join the clean cook stove revolution.
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Burn Awards




“We are honored to be recognized by such a prestigious organization as being among the world’s leaders in clean energy solutions,” says BURN Chief Executive Officer Peter Scott.  “Having sold more than 400,000 modern, super fuel-efficient biomass cookstoves since 2013, we are not only transforming lives, but also proving to the world that cookstoves can have a transformative impact. Our fuel-efficient jikos not only save users $100 – $500 annually in energy expenses, but also help save the lives of people in sub-Saharan Africa who might otherwise have died from harmful smoke due to cooking on traditional stoves.” Read More




























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