Burn Awards




“We are honored to be recognized by such a prestigious organization as being among the world’s leaders in clean energy solutions,” says BURN Chief Executive Officer Peter Scott.  “Having sold more than 400,000 modern, super fuel-efficient biomass cookstoves since 2013, we are not only transforming lives, but also proving to the world that cookstoves can have a transformative impact. Our fuel-efficient jikos not only save users $100 – $500 annually in energy expenses, but also help save the lives of people in sub-Saharan Africa who might otherwise have died from harmful smoke due to cooking on traditional stoves.” Read More







2. SwissECs Award, 2018


“BURN pitch on the impact of clean burning stoves wins the Swiss Energy and Climate Summit award – which is Switzerland’s leading conference for energy and climate issues.” view video at youtube









3. Million Lives Club, 2017


The Million Lives Club is an elite group of innovators and companies whose development solutions have successfully scaled for impact, reaching one million or more beneficiaries.










4. Ashden Award, 2015


BURN was in 2015 recognized with the Ashden Clean Energy for Women and Girls Award , one of the world’s leading green energy awards.
BURN won for their accomplishments in improving the health and economic livelihoods of girls and women by promoting widespread adoption of more efficient cookstoves in Kenya. view more









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